Tips for Banishing Dry Skin

Sunny days ahead means showing a little more skin. If you’re like me, my skin is still in winter mode and needs a little refresh as we head into the spring and summer months. Dry skin not only feels bad (think irritation and itchiness), but it doesn’t look great peaking out of a dress or sleeveless top. Thanks to a handful of amazing products and a little bit of maintenance, these are the tips I’ve learned to get my skin feeling and looking warm-weather ready.



The one thing I neglect during the winter months is taking care of the skin on my arms and legs. I’m already covered in sweaters and pants, so what’s the point, right? Once spring hits, I realize I’ve got some catching up to do. Exfoliating might seem like it works against dry skin, but it’s actually one of the best ways to rejuvenate our body’s largest organ.

I like to use an oil-based body scrub, like our Coffee and Mint Body Scrub, as it helps bring healthy new cells to the surface while sealing in moisture. If I have a little extra time, I like to dry brush before my bath or shower to get a head start on exfoliating and to stimulate circulation.



I’m sure you’ve heard it all before, the best way to treat dry skin is to moisturize. From lightweight oils to heavy lotions and balms, there are so many to choose from. What it comes down to picking favorites, it’s all about personal preference. I like to have a few moisturizers on hand depending on my dry skin situation.

The Body Oil by Susanne Kaufmann is great post-shower as it’s best to apply when skin is damp to improve hydration. I love to use Little Barn Apothecary’s Rose + Black Pepper Body Lotion in the morning. It’s made of organic plant oils and infused with rose essential oils for a sweet scent that lasts all day. It’s no surprise that I have May Lindstrom’s Blue Cocoon on me at all times. It’s great as a facial moisturizer (layered up with the Youth Dew serum) and works well on-the-go for dry spots that pop up midday.


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Skin still looking a bit dull? There isn’t a cabinet full of products that can cure a lack of hydration. In the cooler months it can be hard to drink water, but it’s one of the best ways to moisturize the skin (your body is made of almost 70% water). My favorite way to stay hydrated is by drinking lemon water and herbal teas. I also like to add in additional supplements, like the Green Adaptogen by Sun Potion. This supplement is great for overall wellbeing and a wonderful source of vitamins and minerals.

And don’t forget your lips! As the season’s change, so does your skin and your lips can be the first to show a lack of hydration. I love the Absolute Anti-Aging Oil from UMA Oils. It not only moisturizes, but it brings vitality back to your lips with ingredients like avocado oil and grapeseed oil.


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