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As we transition into the fall season, it’s a great time to clean, organize and make some simple changes around your home. It can be easy to accumulate excess clutter, but moving towards a zero waste lifestyle isn’t as hard as you may think. With some simple swaps, you can easily forego single use items for reusable favorites. beautyvswomen Living is filled with what you need to get started, from cleaning brushes and tumblers to reusable totes and cutlery.



One of the biggest sources of trash is in the kitchen, from plastic baggies and bottles to sponges, cleaning products and much more. When it comes to storing food, opt for glass containers, like this Moroccan Olive Oil Container. You can refill it at your local health food store or olive oil shop. Ditch the plastic soap dispenser and use bar soap and a wooden dish instead. Our Handcrafted Olive Oil Soap is made from all natural ingredients like coconut and castor oils, shea butter and essential oils.

Kitchen brushes are a cleaning necessity, whether you’re washing vegetables or that hard to reach place. Our Cleaning Brushes come in a variety of sizes and are made of natural-fiber bristles, zinc-coated metal wire, and beech wood. They are perfect for cleaning tea and coffee pot spouts, champagne glasses and vases. We also have wooden brushes designed specifically for cleaning vegetables, mushrooms, mussels and more. Store them on your counter in one of our fair trade bamboo bowls so they are easily accessible.



Most of us operate on-the-go, whether we’re running late to work, heading to a meeting or catching a flight. Convenient single use items, like plastic cups and paper napkins, seem essential to keep us going, but they don’t have too. With a little preparation, you can pack a simple zero waste kit with all the supplies you need for where ever you may go.

Whether you brew a pot at home or grab a coffee from your local roaster, this insulated bamboo mug is perfect for on-the-go use. The cork top will keep your beverage hot and is great for preventing spills. When it comes to packing a lunch for work or a last minute weekend trip, it’s helpful to have a few zero waste essentials to add to your reusable linen tote. Toss in this stainless steel Madrid Cutlery Set, a linen napkin and a bamboo bowl and you’re set.




The bathroom tends to be one of the smallest spaces in a home, but it still manages to accumulate a lot. You can start getting organized by ditching the plastic storage containers and instead invest in a Raw Jute Basket. These super versatile baskets are perfect for displaying guest towels, stashing away kid’s toys and so much more. They are made from 100% raw jute and are super strong, yet flexible, so they fit in those awkward spaces and last forever.

Incorporating a zero waste lifestyle is an ongoing process for us all. I hope this guide can inspire you to make some simple swaps, because even small changes can make a big difference.


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